About Us

The Past

It all started with a Fordson Standard Tractor in 1984, and has grown to be  a wide ranging collection of items, large and small which according to visitors, never fails to please.

The Present

We are currently completing the 4th extension to the premises and are planning for the long term preservation of the collection.

The educational value that the collection offers is widely acknowledged and we are continuously improving the presentation of the Displays.

Visits over the past 20 years have primarily been from those in their later years who could remember  the vehicles, or knowing someone who had. 

There have been so many anecdotal stories told and  such a wealth of knowledge gained, that the time is right to take a new direction.

The website is a first step to reaching a younger, wider audience.

The Future

We will be working to further improve the visitor experience, with particular emphasis on education, which underpins our Registered Charity status.

Schools, Clubs and other Organisations, families and individuals are all welcome.